Stihl FS160 Autocut 46-2 Brushcutter Trimmer Bump Feed Head 4003 710 2115

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Main Description

Genuine Stihl Autocut 46-2 StrimmerTrimmer Bump Feed Head, this head replaces Stihl Autocut 40-2 which is now obsolete

The Genuine Stihl Autocut 46-2 has a double line for mowing and thinning out work.

Mowing line is advanced automatically by tapping the cutting head whilst it is rotating (Tap N Go)

It is fitted with 2.7mm line.

This bump feed head is suitable for the following Stihl machines:

  • FS160
  • FS220
  • FS280
  • FS290
  • FS300
  • FS350
  • FS360 (2011 onward)
  • FS400
  • FS410 (2010 onward)
  • FS450
  • FS460
  • FS480
  • FS490

Part number - ST40037102115