How to Identify your Mountfield Lawnmower

Identifying Your Mountfield Lawnmower

Need help finding the right parts for your Mountfield mower? Here's a quick guide:

Knowing the exact model of your mower ensures you get compatible parts. We offer a vast selection of genuine Mountfield replacements

Finding the Information You Need:

To identify your mower, look for a silver product label on the cutting deck. This label typically includes the following details:

  • Make (Mountfield)
  • Lawnmower Model (e.g., SP414)
  • Engine Type (e.g., Mounfield RS100)
  • Year of Manufacture (2015)
  • Art Number (e.g.297412043/M20)

    With this information, you can easily find the perfect parts for your Mountfield mower on our website.

    Identification plate below