Stihl Autocut C26-2 Mowing Head 4002 710 2169 For FS55 FS56 FS91 Replaces C25-2

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A genuine STIHL mowing head designed for easy gardening. This automatic feed mowing head features a new design to allow you to get your trimming jobs done quickly. This is a two-line head with a fantastic easy loading mechanism. As an AutoCut head, the line is easily renewed automatically simply by tapping the head on the ground. Suitable for the following STIHL models

Compatible Machines

  • FS55R, FS55, FS56R, FS56, FS56C-E, FS70RC-E, FS70C-E, FS91, FS111, FS94RC-E, FS94C-E, FS131, FS240C-E,
  • FSA90R, FSA90, FSA130R, FSA130,
  • FR131T, FR460TC-EFM.

Technical Specification:

  • CE Approved: Yes
  • Cutting Head Type: AutoCut
  • Cutting Line Diameter : 2.4mm - 2.7mm
  • Part Number: ST4002 710 2169