Indak Ignition Switch Compatible With Great Dane 8", 52" and 61" Super Surfer

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Main Description

This is a high-quality aftermarket replacement part, these parts are often made by the same company that make the branded parts, these Stens parts offer a really good alternative to OEM parts and are brilliant value, yes you may find cheaper but I doubt you will get the same quality of part unless you buy genuine replacement parts.

Stens replacement Indak ignition switch fits Great Dane models listed

  • 48", 52" and 61" Super Surfer Frame; 52" and 61" Chariot Sr. Rear deck

Replaces OEM

  • Great Dane D18091, D28176


  • Ignition type Magneto
  • No of Positions 3
  • No of Terminals 5
  • 5/8" mounting stem
  • Honda code 4166369
  • Made by Indak

Stens Part Number 430-538