Husqvarna HP 2-Stroke Oil 1 Litre Part No.FL5878085-10

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Designed to meet all the tough challenges a 2-stroke engine oil can encounter Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil is also formulated to work well with low-quality fuels. It gives a cleaner engine and less coating on the piston/cylinder walls, exhaust port and crankcase. It also lowers high engine temperature caused by low-quality fuel and lowers wear and tear on the bearings and cylinder wall. Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil is a mix of mineral- and synthetic oil.

The additives are of highest quality and are especially chosen to lessen deposits in the crankcase which can arise from using low-quality fuel. The oil is designed to suit the entire product range of our 2-stroke products - from the smallest trimmer used all day up to the biggest chainsaw used for heavy felling and limbing in extremely hot or cold conditions.

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil is well suited for use in various other 2-stroke engines such as snowmobiles, scooters, mopeds and motorcycles both for premix in fuel and oil-injection systems.

Part Number FL5878085-10