Honda IZY Lawnmower Service Kit, Genuine 10W30 Oil NGK Plug & Quality Air Filter

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This service kit is suitable for Honda IZY petrol lawnmowers, fitted to the following engines.

  • GC135
  • GC160
  • GC190
  • GCV135
  • GCV160
  • GCV190

The above kit will fit the following models of IZY mowers

  • HRB425
  • HRB476
  • HRB535
  • HRB536
  • HRG415
  • HRG465
  • HRX425
  • HRX476
  • HRX535
  • HRX536

The kit consists of the following Genuine Honda 10W30 Engine Oil 600ml Genuine NGK Spark Plug High Quality Aftermarket air filter panel.

Part Number OSK199854