AEG KS35 Chainsaw Chain 14" 52 Drive Link .050" /1.3MM Fits KES35 KES36

SKU: OSD-050-52DL
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Main Description

These chains are suitable for the various AEG Electric chainsaw models below with a 14" 35cm guide bar
  • KS35
  • KES35
  • KES36
These replacement chainsaw chains are semi chisel domestic quality and designed for light or home use, that said they are very good value for money and can be hand sharpened with a 4mm round file
Part Number. OSD-050-52DL

  • Chain Pitch 3/8LP,
  • .050 Gauge
  • Drive Links 52

Chrome Cutters for longer life and sharper edge
Engineered for precision cutting and low vibration
Nickel Alloy Steel
Individually sharpened cutters
UL Approved

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