Air Filter Compatible With Mountfield SP555V SP53 SP425R SP465R 118551671/0

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Main Description

This high quality replacement air filter panel is suitable for the following models of Mountfield lawnmower.

  • HP425 2L0431038/M19
  • SP46 Elite 2L0486038/M19
  • SP53 Elite 295546038/M19
  • SP425 2L0432038/M19
  • SP425R 299439038/M19
  • SP465R 299489038/M19
  • SP485HW V 294507838/M19
  • SP505RV 294519038/M19
  • SP535HW 294556038/M19
  • SP535HWV 294557838/M19
  • SP555V 294563038/M19

This will fit the above models of Mountfield lawnmower fitted with the following Honda petrol driven engines

  • GCV140
  • GCV145
  • GCV170

Part Number 40083


Mountfield OEM 118551671/0

Honda OEM 17211-Z8B-901